Mehromah Publication Institute

Mehr-o-Mah (Persian equivalent of "Sun and Moon") publishing house was founded in February 2005 by official permission from the Iranian ministry of culture with the goal of presenting a new generation of supplemental educational books. Our earliest published works were a series of innovative books (using tree diagrams for presenting educational materials) which attracted a lot of attention and recognition, establishing a novel approach to learning school subjects.  Mehr-o-Mah has also published for the first time, the most comprehensive series of summary books intended for students preparing to take nationwide university entrance exams in Iran. Another innovation of our firm is the "Loghme" (literally meaning gobbet in Persian) books, which retain completeness of content despite being conveniently pocket sized. The books from this series are seen carried by many students in Iran nowadays. Of our other innovative series, "Thematic books" (in-depth instruction of a topic), "Speed Math" (mental calculation techniques), "Ultimate Reference" (ordered test questions), "Concour Magic" (techniques for Multiple choice university entrance exams) can be mentioned.
Our firm has also produced books for primary school and junior high school in recent years, to considerable success. So far, we have introduced "The Apprentice" series (combining education and vocational training), "Exceptional Talents" series (preparation for scholastic and analytical aptitude exams), and "100 Points" series (summary points for exceptional talents exams) for these grades. Mehr-o-Mah has recently started a new initiative with academic partners entitled "Training Brains for a Better World" that includes educational books and materials for promoting awareness and empowering kids in various domains based on a neurocognitive framework.
Mehr-o-Mah publishing house is currently considered among the most popular educational brands of Iran, holding some of the highest print runs and circulations, and attracting more audience every day. The publishing firm aims to broaden its horizons by entering the field of multimedia education, digital publishing, and virtual learning. Collaboration with international publication firms and agencies to promote mutual respect and observance of both Iranian and international intellectual properties and copy-rights is considered a priority in Mehr-o-Mah.

Contact Information:
No 37, Mina alley, 12 Farvardin St, Enghelab sq, Tehran 1314945481, Iran
+9821 66408400